Gus Cost: There is No Perfect Thing


February 18th, 2020

36 mins 11 secs

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I would say go for it. ... Learning any of anything is gonna help you more than wondering what to learn or trying to pick the perfect thing. Spoiler alert: there is no perfect thing. Everything has huge problems with it that are gonna cause you a lot of frustration. But if you just have perspective, well, you're able to do some really amazing things that you couldn't without it.

Hosts Karin Thorne and Kelly Corey chat with Gus Cost, programmer at Density and Careers in Code instructor, about using hardware to win a hackathon, lessons learned from teaching at a tech bootcamp for the first time, and his surprising recommendation on where to start your own programming journey. This is our most technical episode so far and features mentions of QBasic, Logo, Lisp, and PyTorch.

This episode is part II of our new series: Catching Up with Careers in Code! We chat with founders, instructors/TAs, and students of the first CiC cohort about their experience and where they'd like to see the program go in the future.

Connect with Gus | Density | Hack Upstate VIII Grand Prize: Red Light Bell

Episode References

Learn C the Hard Way by Zed Shaw

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold

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This episode features "Brain Power" by Mela from the album Mela two.

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