Joey Buczek: Work Harder at Working Smarter


May 19th, 2020

50 mins 50 secs

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If you're gonna be part of a community of people that are like-minded, do try to show up and go be a part of the community. Contribute in some way. There's a lot of value that you can get out of it and there's a lot of value you can bring to it without even knowing that you're bringing value to it... There's been a lot of moments in my life where I've realized I've either said something or done something for someone and there's like a lightbulb that goes off, right? And you see that lightbulb go off for that person and you're like "Oh, wow, I actually helped that person get on their path to achieving something that they wanted to achieve" and that's really cool. It's really rewarding, and I would encourage anyone to go out and just be a part of a community even if it's not programming.

Hosts Karin Thorne and Kelly Corey chat with Joey Buczek about his experience balancing family, work and teaching at a coding bootcamp along with his work ethic philosophy and how he started the SyrJS Meetup. Joey also shares his greatest programming resource with us and we pitch more ideas for Syracuse tech Meetups.

This episode is part VIII of our series: Catching Up with Careers in Code! We chat with founders, instructors/TAs, and students of the first CiC cohort about their experience and where they'd like to see the program go in the future.

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Syracuse Tech Meetups | Inuyasha | Tenchi Muyo! | Salt City Comic-Con


This episode features "Brain Power" by Mela from the album Mela two.

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