Max Matthews: Hacker, Entrepreneur, Mentor


March 10th, 2020

42 mins 27 secs

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I think a lot of people, when they hear "hacker", they think cybersecurity or issues on their phone. Really, the original term "hacker" was someone who solved problems and just threw things together to fix something.

Hosts Karin Thorne and Kelly Corey chat with Max Matthews about his experience incorporating a business at age 16, what he considers to be the difference between a developer and an engineer, and what it's like to be on both sides of the self-taught/formal education divide in tech. We also dive into Max's stints working as an instructor for local tech bootcamps Start Fast Code and Careers in Code.

This episode is part III of our series: Catching Up with Careers in Code! We chat with founders, instructors/TAs, and students of the first CiC cohort about their experience and where they'd like to see the program go in the future.

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This episode features "Brain Power" by Mela from the album Mela two.

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