Will Guisbond: The Power of Networking


April 21st, 2020

1 hr 1 min 34 secs

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One of the main things I love about my job is the community. Being able to go to these events and call it work when it's really just socializing and networking and building those connections. The same thing goes for flying. There's a really big community around aviation that people are drawn to for that reason. You go to these little events that are like the dev Meetups we go to, and I love that, so community building has always been a big thing for me... So it makes me very humble to say I get to do this for a living and I get paid to make these connections.

Hosts Karin Thorne and Kelly Corey chat with Will Guisbond about his experience working as an Operations Intern at such a young age and the importance of building community. We also go behind the scenes of Hack Upstate and Careers in Code and we learn about Will's plans after graduating high school.

This episode is part VII of our series: Catching Up with Careers in Code! We chat with founders, instructors/TAs, and students of the first CiC cohort about their experience and where they'd like to see the program go in the future.

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Hack Upstate | LinkedIn | Twitter

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3 Years of Funding for Careers in Code! | Hour of Code | Syracuse OpenHack Meetup (events held virtually until futher notice)

Special Announcement

As of April 7, 2020, Salt City Code has switched from a weekly to a biweekly episode format. Karin and Kelly feel this will be the best way to balance our personal and professional lives while continuing to run the podcast. Thank you all so much for listening and sharing your tech journeys with us!


This episode features "Brain Power" by Mela from the album Mela two.

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