Melissa Schmitz: A Giant Debugging Rubber Duck


December 17th, 2019

42 mins 15 secs

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"I think that part of the reason that I got my job, or at least that they looked at my resume, was because I had a hackathon project that was an augmented reality game..."

Kelly and Karin sit down again with Melissa Schmitz as she shares more stories and advice about hackathons, her experience in a data science bootcamp, and how she leveraged her hackathon wins into a full-time career in tech.

Connect with Melissa: LinkedIn | Medium

Click here to learn more about The Mighty Ducks, an augmented reality game Melissa worked on, at Hack Upstate XII!

Episode Timestamps

00.00 - 00.26 - Podcast/Episode Intro
00.27 - 00.56 - Hack Upstate Ad
00.57 - 09:30 - Melissa's hackathon stories
09.33 - 29.03 - Melissa's data science bootcamp experience
29.11 - 29.47 - Careers in Code Ad
29.50 - 39.52 - Going from bootcamps/hackathons to full-time work
39.53 - 40.50 - Melissa's social media
40.54 - 41.25 - Karin's social media
41.27 - 41.51 - Kelly's social media
41.53 - 42:06 - Salt City Code social media
42.07 - 42.12 - Podcast outro


Special thanks to our sponsor Hack Upstate! Visit their site to learn more about upcoming hackathons and get ready to code!

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This episode features "Brain Power" by Mela from the album Mela two.
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